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Bearthday Rituals

Birthdays are momentous and sacred occasions to celebrate our lives. To be alive for another year is an incredible blessing given all that tries to get in the way of our livelihood on a daily basis. Each birthday is an opportunity to honor all that keeps us alive physically, spiritually, and/or emotionally and allows us to give thanks for all [...]

February Rituals

February Rituals
Happy February everyone!! Is it me or did January swim past faster than I could say “Happy New Year”?  Each month seems to pass by faster and faster the older I get. My dad’s words to me growing up, grab a hold of me tighter now. “Akum, life is short, it goes by faster than you can blink, make sure every moment counts [...]

Spells for Our Loved Ones

May our hearts stay open to all that is in store for us. for all that we have given the universe and what it will in turn give back to us. May we continue to liberate our minds and bones from their machines. May we listen to the medicines of our egun. take their heartbreak and wisdom and drink it all up. May the souls that shatter silentl [...]

“Finding the Feel Good in Givin...

“Finding the Feel Good in Giving”
Infinite gratitude to Nemo for sharing this beautiful reflection on Giving. Feel free to contact her with your thoughts and reflections at AND Fill our water well. Share you recipe, remedy, ritual and resource!!! Last night in the thick of Soho’s holiday rush, I made a visit [...]

Recipes for Living in Intentional Com...

Recipes for Living in Intentional Community
As a working class, queer, Nigerian, woman of color, who has moved from place to place to place her whole life, and holds physical, emotional and spiritual experiences with violence, the vision and practice of community has often felt daunting to me…..because it has sometimes been at the expense of my own fruition…because folks w [...]

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