and resources to heal ourselves whole

Free to Low Cost NYC Resources

Wanna know where to go in NYC to get FREE to low-cost self and community care? Check out the resources below…there’s something available everyday!! Each offering listed is free, donation-based, or $20 or less, with the exception of bodywork services such as massage and reiki which are $50 or less.  Your contributions make this list grow and individual and collective wellness feel more possible. Please share your additional offerings with our community, add a resource to the calendar. Offerings should be free to low-cost ($20 or less). Note: these resources and/or events are not sponsored by SouLar Bliss, they are offerings that I’ve either experienced or been passed on to me.

Infinite gratitude to you for your offerings and massive praise and appreciation to each individual and organization that sooooooo generously offers their time, energy and gifts to support healing ourselves whole.

What will you find in the resource calendar?:: dance classes, support groups, meditation sessions, community acupuncture  acupressure, massage, sex workshops,  financial counseling, singing classes, yoga classes, shamanic healing circles, dharma sits, free markets and soo much more

To refine your search, look through the “Categories” and “Tags” tab!!

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