100 + ways to show love to yourself and your community

In honor of love day, which is today and every single day, here is a growing list of ways to show love to yourself and your community. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this glowing list. I love you so incredibly much! You are what makes love alive and brilliantly visible!!!


  1. Tell yourself the truth about who you are
  2. Create a vision map that creatively showcases how you intentionally want to live your life
  3. Write your own definition of what love means to you and put it into practice
  4. Make a list of your personal boundaries within relationships. Identify what a healthy relationship means to you
  6. Get enough sleep. Each night get up to 6-8 hours of sleep so that your body can recover from the present day and rejuvenate for the day ahead.
  7. Spend time alone
  8. Dance around naked in your room to your favorite soundtrack
  9. Write a love letter to yourself about what you appreciate about YOU physically,  emotionally and spiritually
  10. Create a workshop about something you are passionate about and share it with friends
  11. Practice actively listening to yourself and your needs
  12. Get tested for STDS
  13. Improve your facilitation skills
  14. Bask in nature
  15. Take a healing bath
  16. Cut your spending and save more
  17. Un-procrastinate!!
  18. Find the elusive work-life balance
  19. Pray for the person on your mind right now
  21. Honor your body with beautiful, delicious and healthy foods
  22. Put fear aside and trust in the universe
  23. Trust in your ability to do good
  25. Participate in a sweat lodge
  26. Make a gratitude list of people who love you
  27. Speak up for yourself
  28. Attend a free 5 day activist retreat
  29. Embrace your spirit totem
  30. Write an ode to your future self
  31. Participate in community acupuncture
  32. Be still
  33. Be compassionate with yourself on your journey
  34. Dance! Dance! Dance!, whether its taking a dance class or going out dancing
  35. Join a laughter yoga class
  36. Create a blog about something you are passionate about
  37. Clean out your homespace and workspace. Reduce clutter
  38. Allow yourself to grieve
  39. Quit your job if it is not serving you and in line with your purpose
  40. Make a dreamcatcher
  41. Celebrate your successes
  42. Make love balms for yourself and your loved ones
  43. Do a letting go ritual to release all that does not serve you
  44. Learn a new hobby
  45. Practice saying “NO” 
  46. Love yourself unconditionally
  47. Live the life you envision for yourself with intention, courage and surrender
  48. Go on a word fast. Spend a day in silence and in deep prayer and reflection
  49. Embrace the full spectrum of who you are and your ever-evolving journey
  50. Release an old habit and welcome in a healthy habit
  51. Spend time alone
  52. Say i love you to someone you love as a daily practice
  53. Create a gratitude list of all the things in your life you are grateful for
  54. Allow yourself to hear someone when they tell you they love you
  55. Go to feminist sex shops
  56. Look at images of bodies that reflect your  own at least once a day, naked and clothed!
  57. Take your sweet time putting lotion/oil on, dancing, reading, braiding my hair
  58. Schedule a friendship date with one of your dear friends
  59. Create healthy boundaries in your relationships
  60. Climb a tree



  1. Define what community means to you with communities you identify with and put it into practice with integrity and care
  2. Honor your ancestors
  3. Host a progressive dinner with your community
  4. Stop law enforcement violence against women of color and trans people of color
  5. Develop community accountability principles, process and practices
  6. Support community members in telling their stories 
  7. Talk about suicide in safe and accurate ways
  8. Start a safe space program
  9. Build an earthship
  10. Build a communal vision map
  11. Be a fierce LGBTQ ally
  12. Support your community in getting tested
  13. Be a fierce ally as someone with privilege
  14. Support a survivor of rape
  16. Compost
  17. Support anti-oppression practices and principles in your community
  18. Start a community garden
  19. Do a new moon celebration ritual ceremony
  20. Support a loved one from transitioning out of an unhealthy relationship
  21. Tell your community how much you love them
  22. Bike together
  23. Write a gratitude letter to your community
  24. Create a communal lending library
  25. Start or support your local CSA (Community supported Agriculture)
  26. Host a community skillshare
  27. Send handwritten gratitude love letters to folks in your community
  28. Live a life you envision in community
  29. LAUGH
  30. Celebrate your successes
  31. Participate in grieving rituals
  32. Support youth in getting access to comprehensive information and resources
  33. Support your local farmers
  34. Be honest with each other
  35. Love each other
  36. Create intentional spaces where community resources that support personal and collective well-being can be shared
  37. Reflect on  your relationships with each other, what has worked, what needs more work
  38. Deepen relationships with people you only know on a surface level
  39. Read bed time stories to each other
  40. Support a recovering addict
  41. Start and/or support an organizing campaign to create systemic change in your community
  42. Make community events accessible to all people. Create safe spaces that allow the fullest expression of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, body expression, political belief, spirituality, economic status, relationships status..etc
  43. HUGS!!
  44. Practice healthy polyamorous relationships
  45. LISTEN!!!
  46. Ask the best ways to support each other
  47. Build a communal bank account
  48. Say “NO” to things that do not encourage communal growth
  49. Build a communal tree house
  50. Play and take care of each other’s children
  51. Create organizations that can support youth in dealing with crisis 
  52. Suspend judgement of yourself and others
  53. Be honest about your capacity before you say YES
  54. Know your rights when encountering law enforcement 
  55. Create a community podcast about something you all are passionate about
  56. Practice consensus building processes
  57. Learn methods of nonviolent protest and persuasion 
  58. Support men in taking action around sexual harassment 
  59. Teach youth how to practice safer sex
  60. Take your community out on a date


Add to the list!!! what are ways that you take care of yourself and your communities? 


2 comments on “100 + ways to show love to yourself and your community

  1. Nikki Maxwell on said:

    Loving this list! Thank you! I needed a little soul juice today!

  2. Vidyaratha Kissoon on said:

    Wonderful list..

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